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A series of Roman arena encounters featuring extreme violence and explicit sex,
culminating in death for the defeated

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In Greek mythology, Χάρων - (Charon or Kharon) is the ferryman of Hades, who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. 

Charun at the Killing
of a Naked Gladiator
Etruscan Wallpainting - Charon and Naked Executions
A coin to pay Charon for passage, usually an obolus or danake, was sometimes placed in or on the mouth of a dead person.

Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years.

The Romans retained the Greek form of the name Charon, which was taken from Charun, an Etruscan god often shown carrying a hammer.
Dead gladiators were escorted by a figure depicting Charon from the arena.
The 'Charon' of the arena also had another duty.
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Badly wounded , but still living gladiators (these were the noxii, who had been sentenced to death in the arena who were not treated with honour), would receive a fatal blow to the head with a double headed hammer inflicted by an arena-slave, dressed like the Charon, the Ferryman of the Underworld.
Also, gladiators who appeared to be dead, but were perhaps feigning death, were tested with a red hot steel.
If they reacted, they were then finished off, either by having their throat slit, or with the hammer on the skull.
It was the custom in the great public arenas to use two slaves to represent Mercury and Charon.

Mercury is a major Roman god, being one of the Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld. He was considered the son of Maia and Jupiter in Roman mythology. His name is possibly related to the Latin word merx ("merchandise"; compare merchant, commerce, etc.), mercari (to trade), and merces (wages); another possible connection is the Proto-Indo-European root merĝ- for "boundary, boarder" (cf. Old English "mearc", Old Norse "mark", Latin "margō", and Welsh Cymro) and Greek οὖρος (by analogy of Arctūrus/Ἀρκτοῦρος), as the "keeper of boundaries," referring to his role as bridge between the upper and lower worlds. In his earliest forms, he appears to have been related to the Etruscan deity Turms, both of which share characteristics with the Greek god Hermes. In Virgil's Aeneid, Mercury reminds Aeneas of his mission to found the city of Rome. In Ovid's Fasti, Mercury is assigned to escort the nymph Larunda to the underworld. Mercury, however, fell in love with Larunda and made love to her on the way. Larunda thereby became mother to two children, referred to as the Lares, the invisible household gods.

These slaves, who would be dressed in the garb suitable to represent the two deities in question, would supervise the disposal of defeated fighters and those criminals who had been tortured and executed.
In addition they would usually be present during the spectacle in the arena, in order to remind one and all of the probable outcome of such events.
In Gracchus' private arena, he dispensed with the use of two deities, and contented himself with the presence of one arena-slave, who wore a grisly skull mask, and who represented Charon.
This arena-slave, who was always referred to as Charon, regardless of his actual name, held an important position in the arena hierarchy, as he was responsible for much of the organization and running of the events taking place on the arena sands.

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Charon's real problems started with a fight between a very handsome Greek gladiator called Demonax, and a blond Gaul called Vortigern.

The name Vortigern (given to the cute young blond boy in this fight) in Brittonic literally means "Great King" or "Overlord", composed of the elements wor- "over-, super" and tigerno- "king, lord, chief, ruler" (compare Old Breton machtiern, Cornish myghtygern a type of local ruler (literally "pledge chief") in Brittany and Cornwall.
However, the element tigerno- was a regular one in Brittonic personal names (compare St. Kentigern, Catigern, Ritigern, Tigernmaglus, et al.) and, as wortigernos (or derivatives of it) is not attested as a common noun, there is no reason to suppose that it was used as anything other than a personal name (in fact, an Old Irish cognate of it, Foirtchern was not an uncommon personal name in Ireland, further lending credence to the notion that Vortigern was a personal name and not a title).

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The crowd particularly like young Gallic boys because they were fair, smooth and either had blonde pubic hair, or were completely shaved.

This 'well-hung', well muscled young lad has his first fight in the arena, which, as it happens, is also his last. Within thirty minutes the unfortunate lad is stripped 'stark bollock-naked', raped, 'jerked-off' and 'cums all over the sand. He is then emasculated - (losing both his penis and both testicles in one very slow cut ). Left as a helpless eunuch, it has its spine severed, and finally is 'finished-off' by having its throat cut.

The Gauls emerged around the 5th century BC as the bearers of the La Tène culture north of the Alps. By the 4th century BC, they spread over much of what is now France, Switzerland, Southern Germany, and Austria. Gaul was never united under a single ruler or government, but the Gallic tribes were capable of uniting their forces in large-scale military operations. They reached the peak of their power in the early 3rd century BC. The rising Roman Republic after the end of the First Punic War increasingly put pressure on the Gallic sphere of influence; the Battle of Telamon of 225 BC heralded a gradual decline of Gallic power over the 2nd century, until the eventual conquest of Gaul in the Gallic Wars of the 50s BC. After this, Gaul became a province of the Roman Empire, and the Gauls were culturally assimilated into a Gallo-Roman culture, losing their tribal identities by the end of the 1st century AD.

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The fight proceeded as usual, with the young Gaul putting up a good show.
Demonax, however, one of Gracchus' 'darlings of the arena', was expected to win, however, - and he did.
As the two boys grappled, Demonax brought his knee sharply up into Vortigern's groin, instantly crushing the prominent bulge in the lad's skimpy loincloth.
"Shit ! My fuckin' bollocks !", young Vortigern grunted, doubling up with the intense pain.
"Do you 'give'?", Demonax demanded, as Vortigern squirmed.
"But ..... !", and before the poor lad could say any-more Demonax knee jerked up again, catching the young Gaul once again in his unprotected balls.
"Fuck ! ... Yes ! ... No more ! ... My fuckin balls !", Vortigern squealed, as he dropped both his sword and his shield, and clutched at his agonized groin.

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Demonax then grabbed Vortigern by the neck, turning him round to face the crowd.
"Say it loud, son ! Say you 'giv'e !".
"I give ! .... I give !", the terrified Gaul spluttered, struggling in Demonax' vice-like grip - not realizing that he was condemning himself to a revoltingly painful, humiliating and obscene death.
And that, really, was the end for young Vortigern.
With Vortigern foolishly surrendering to his obviously more skilful opponent, it was then up to Gracchus to decide the final outcome.
Vortigern, who had just admitted defeat, was then led over to the side of the arena - with difficulty - as he was bent over double, and clutching the huge bulge in his tiny loincloth, having just been kneed twice in the balls.
There, an arena slave was waiting with Gracchus' instructions for Demonax.
With recent fighting taking place in Gaul, there was no shortage of cheap, well muscled and well endowed young Gallic slaves, so Votigern was expendable.
Being muscular and exceptionally 'well-hung', he was a good candidate for a spectacular castration, or worse, total emasculation.
As this was the first fight of the afternoon, Gracchus felt that the program needed to start off with a spectacular 'kill'.
Votigern was ideal for this, being a Gaul, who were seen as Rome's traditional enemies, and being very cute and blonde, with no pubic hair, and very 'well-hung', his humiliation, and mutilation (castration or emasculation) would be clearly visible, even to those in the most distant parts of the arena.
Orders were sent down to Demonax to perform a very slow and complete castration (actually an emasculation - penis and scrotum containing the testicles), with Votigern being held by arena-slaves, so that the crowd would get the best possible view of the young Gaul's humiliating and complete mutilation.
Gracchus wanted testicles and the erect penis both removed in one piece, and then forced in Votigern's mouth, to amuse the crowd.
In addition, Gracchus had also been recently told of a Pankration fight in Athens with had ended in the loser having his back broken.
The body was then twisted so that front and back faced in opposite directions when the disabled wrestler was laid out - in other words the unfortunate fighter was prone and supine at the same time.
Gracchus wanted to see this, so he instructed Demonax to sever the Votigern's spine with a spear, and then twist the body.
Gracchus was interested to see just how painful this would be for the defeated gladiator, and how long it would take him to die.

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And so Vortigern, having lost, was stripped of his minuscule blue loincloth, and most of his armour, by an arena-slave.
"Please don't strip me ! - Not 'bollock-naked' !" the young Gaul had pleaded, but to no avail.
One cut with the arena slave's knife to the side of the boy's loincloth, and the skimpy bit of cloth fell away, to the cheers of the crowd.
However, despite the handsome young lad's protests not to be stripped 'bollock-naked', he appeared to be actually  'posing' when the equally cute young arena-slave cut away Vortigern's skimpy, blue loincloth.
And now the crowd could see the perfect, sweat-drenched globes of the young Gaul's perky buttocks, and his inviting butt-crack while, at the front, Vortigern's plump penis, which was already semi-erect, and heavy, hairless balls flopped from the straining pouch that had been supporting them.
And the boy was completely shaved, with not a trace of pubic hair, or of any hair round his arse.
And so Demonax got the arena slaves to lay out the young blonde boy (who, knowing he was totally defeated, had become very compliant and cooperative,) on his back.
The lad had already had his tiny thong ripped away, and ended up lying on the sand with his very substantial, semi-hard cock jerking suggestively on his glistening belly.
Demonax himself, anticipating a good fuck, was already 'tenting' the pouch of his own, black, thong.
The crowd, seeing young Demonax's obvious 'excitement' then started to amuse themselves by encouraging Demonax to rape the 'cute', naked Gaul.
'Go on ! Fuck the little cunt !' some called out.'
'Shove your cock up the dirty little fuckers arse-hole !', others chanted.
Or alternatively, 'Give the little wanker a good 'seeing to' !'.
Lying back on the sand, Vortigern didn't seem to be too worried about being raped until Demonix pulled off his black, leather thong.
Then, when Vortigern saw Demonax's huge piece of 'meat', hanging between his opponent's legs, and the huge balls, he started to look a little more concerned.
Meanwhile, the crowd cheered once they saw the 'weapon' that Demonax was going to use to rape the young Gaul - (remember, Roman slang for the penis was 'gladius', which actually meant sword).
At first Demonax was only semi-hard, but a few pulls on his huge 'tool' got it almost completely erect, and the crowd cheered again as the well-muscled gladiator's foreskin then slid back of its own accord, revealing his huge, bulging, glistening 'helmet'.
Not only was Demonax's dark 'helmet' revealed, but also his gaping 'cock-slit', which was dribbling a thick, dangling string of creamy 'pre-cum'.
The big gladiator was obviously ready and eager for a good fuck, and the crowd were loving it..

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Vortigern then became a little less relaxed about what was happening to him.
"No ! Don't do this !" Votigern groaned, "I've never been fucked !", but his words were belied by his huge cock, which was growing by the second, and jerking up obscenely.
Demonax was exceptionally 'well-hung' (like all Gracchus' fighters), but Votigen was able to take the victor's penetration and thrusting, grunting as Demonax's thick cock disappeared inside him.
"Fuck ! You're big !", Vortigern moaned as, having became massively erect, he reached with his right hand and grabbed Demonax's hand, guiding it to his jerking, dribbling cock.
"If you're gonna fuck me, then 'bring me off - please !", Votigern groaned, as he pleaded with Demonax masturbate him.
Demonax  was surprised, but quite willing to oblige, and Grachus, up in his box was more than pleased to see the young Gaul so eagerly co-operating in, what to a Roman, would be his complete humiliation.
"Harder !", the horny young Gaul grunted, "Stick it in harder !".
By this time the naked young Gaul was obviously enjoying being fucked.
The two young, practically naked gladiators jerked about on the sand, fucking and wanking and, in the end, managed to 'cum' at the same time.
Votigen groaned loudly, "I'm fuckin' cumming !", and splattered the sand with his creamy 'boy seed'.
Demonax, a couple of seconds later, 'brought off' by the rhythmic contractions of the young Gaul's tight arse-hole, then pulled out.
"Fuckin' shit !", Demonax groaned, as he held his huge twitching cock, as it pumped his spunk over the naked Gaul's belly, chest and face, while the crowd cheered.
After the rape, Votigern,  who had obligingly put up very little resistance, and in fact had co-operated then, apparently was going to allow himself to be fully castrated while standing naked, facing the crowd.

(has his prick and balls cut off
while shitting and pissing)
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Perhaps he didn't realise that something so appalling would really happen, or he thought it was all just a 'show'.
The arena slave, Marcus, however, got Vortigern to spread his legs.
The blonde boy was still hard from the fuck, and was twitching and dribbling a string of spunk.
Marcus then grabbed Votigern's arms, pulling them behind his back.
By then, Vortigern was completely helpless, and had begun to realise that he really was going to be fully emasculated.
Demonax came forward with a small sword in one hand, and grabbed hold of the young Gaul's sex parts, first grabbing the stiffening cock, and then taking in the heavy, hairless balls, so that eventually he was holding the boy by the thick, swollen 'root' of his genitals. 
"Shit ! You got hold of my fuckin' cock ! ... an' my bollocks !", the naked boy moaned.
"Fuck ! You're really gonna cut 'em off !", Vortigern squealed, while the crowd laughed and sniggered at the naked young lad's obvious stupidity.
"Ye ! What did you think I was gonna do ?" Demonax replied, laconically and, following Gracchus instruction, began to castrate the blonde boy very, very slowly.
"Ofuck ! No !", Votigern screamed, and was immediately in agony as the sword blade slowly sawed its way through the thick, hairless 'root' of his huge 'privates'.
"That's it, Demonax ! Cut off the little fuckers balls an' cock !", came a shout from the crowd from one of Demonax's keen supporters.
"Yeh ! Make the blond cunt squeal !", anothe supporter called out, as more and more people in the crowd called for young Vortigern to be emasculated.
As the cutting began the naked blonde boy, who was actually 'cumming' - dribbling spunk from his massively enlarged cock,  farted, and began to shit himself.
Then, as he stopped 'cumming', he pissed over the sand, and over Demonax's bare feet.
"I'm fuckin' shittin' myself !", Vorigern screamed, stating the obvious, as he looked down to see his huge squirting cock and his bollocks being slowly cut off.
.Eventually the bulky cock, which was still erect, with the well filled ball-sack still attached, came away in Demonax's hand.
"Shit ! - My fuckin' bollocks ! My cock ! My fuckin cock !", Votigern groaned, as Demonax showed the naked boy his severed genitals.
"I didn't think you'd really do it ! ... You made me a fuckin' eunuch .... you cunt !"
Immediately an arena-slave cauterised the severed end of the massive, and still stiff penis, in order to maintain the Gaul's last erection - despite the fact that he was no longer attached to his cock !
Then, while Votigern pathetically looked on, sobbing, Demonax held the bloody 'sex-parts' above his head for the cheering crowd.
"See ! The Gauls haven't got the balls to fight !", Demonax shouted to the crowd, as he waved the boy's severed prick and bollocks in the air.
Meanwhile, Votigern had sunk to his knees, squealing and clutching at his mutilated groin.
"You cunts ! I got no fuckin' bollocks ! - no fuckin cock !", he screamed at Demonax and the arena-slave.

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'See !' 'The Gauls haven't got the balls to fight !'

Demonax shouts, as he holds blonde Votigern's severed penis and testicles high for the cheering crowd to see, while the naked and completely emasculated young Gaul
squeals -
"You cunts ! I got no fuckin' bollocks ! - no fuckin cock !", as he clutches at his bloody, mutilated groin.

When Demonax was finished showing the emasculated lad's genitals to the crowd, he handed them to an arena-slave, who immediately stuffed the severed genitals into Votigern's mouth - which at least stopped the hysterical lad squealing about his severed cock and balls.
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After the Gallic gladiator, Vortigern, had been completely emasculated, his cauterised, and therefore still erect penis, and his testicles (which were still contained in his hairless scrotum, which, in turn was still attached to his stiff cock) were stuffed into his mouth, and he was led round the arena, almost completely naked, and groaning pathetically.

Dribbling the last of the castrated boy's spunk, the huge, stiff cock, with its foreskin pulled right back, poked obscenely from the groaning gladiator's mouth.

Just go round the arena once, and let 'em all get a good look at you... an' don't fall - or Demonax will have your belly slit open, an' your guts on the sand !” Marcus, the young arena slave, told groaning naked Vortigern, as the cute blonde lad struggled to cope with having just had his 'sex parts' cut off.

While the crowd cheered, poor Votigern, with his still stiff, dribbling cock poking out of his mouth, was then followed round the arena, by Demonax's favourite arena slave, Marcus, so that all the crowd could get a good look at the totally humiliated, completely castrated, and practically naked Gaul.

Eventually Votigern managed to spit out his bloody 'privates', (risking disembowelment) and sank to his knees on the sand, sobbing.

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"I'm fuckin' finished ... aren't I ?", he asked Marcus, who was left trying to get the young lad to 'pull himself together'.
"He's castrated you, - so you won't be leavin' the arena alive !", Marcus replied, bleakly.
"I don't wanna fuckin' die ! Please - no ! Don't let it end here !"
"If you're lucky he'll do it quick !" Marcus said, "One cut, an' it'll be all over !"
Still sobbing, Vortigern was then stripped completely naked, losing his greaves and arm-guards, and was laid out on the sand on his belly.
"Please - no more ! ..... I can't take any more !", Votigen pleaded as he lay groaning and wriggling on the sand.
Votigen, of course, had no idea of what was going to happen to him.
Demonax was then handed a spear with the very wide spear-tip.

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The young Gallic gladiator Vortigern, after being emasculated and paraded round the arena, is finally stripped completely naked, is laid on his belly as his Greek opponent, Demonax, spears him through his spine.

Vortigern was lying, stark naked, on his belly, on the sand, and all he could do was whimper, repeatedly and pathetically -"I got no balls ! I got no cock ! Help me !",  waiting, in terror, for the final thrust.

And as he lay there, with his legs spread, his arse-hole twitched obscenely as, time and again, he farted in fearful anticipation of what was about to happen to him.
Votigern then looked up and saw the spear.
"Fuck no ! Don't 'finish' me ! .... Not now ! - Fuck !", he screamed at Demonax.
As the crowd watched, wondering what was going to happen next, Demonax then plunged the spear into the lower part of Votigen's back - twice.
"Cunt !", the naked, castrated Gaul grunted, as he instantly convulsed, emptied his bowels, for a second time, onto the sand, and then lay still.
The arena slaves the turned the upper part of Votigern's body over onto its back, while the lower part still lay belly down.
As his body was twisted horribly, the naked boy grunted and farted loudly.
The twisted body looked bizarre, but the crowd loved it, cheering wildly.
Votigern's severed genitals were then stuffed, once again, into his dribbling mouth.
His bulging eyes starred up, seemingly unseeing.
Apparently the naked, castrated young Gaul, with his spine severed, was dead.
"There's nothing else we can do with her ! The stupid young cunt's dead ! Call Charon !", Demonax said, drily, the his favourite arena slave - referring to young Vortigern as if the naked gladiator was female, because the one-time boy was now completely emasculated, - with the remains of his manhood lying on the sand -  and therefore a eunuch.

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It was at this point that Charon entered the arena, having been told that Vortigern had been 'finished off'.
Charon, as usual, thrust his red hot iron deep into Vortigern's anus - and produced no response.
This was not surprising, as the naked Gaul's spinal cord had been severed.
Charon, foolishly, took it to mean that the boy was dead.
The young Gaul, however, was far from dead, and when the arena slaves began to untwist his horribly mutilated body he let out a series of grunts and groans.
Gracchus, of course, was infuriated by Charon's incompetence, and his anger was inflamed by a morning of drinking wine with his friends.
Charon was then taken up to Gracchus box to learn his fate.
Charon, as part of his humiliation, was to fight a boy gladiator of Gracchus' choosing - but Charon was to fight with his right hand (he was right handed) tied behind his back, and therefore his opponent would almost certainly win.
The boy fighter was to be given the right to rape, castrate (or completely emasculate) and disembowel his defeated opponent and, in addition, he was expected to 'finish-off' his opponent by anal impaling with a sword or spear.
Charon knew he was 'finished', but he was allowed one last favour before his appalling end.
He would be given a young slave-boy, just before his final fight, so that he could have a last fuck (and probably also a wank) before having his genitals lopped off, and being killed with a sword or spear up his arse-hole - but this final fuck would not be a private assignation - Gracchus, and some of his friends would be the avid spectators of Charon's last 'screw'.
The question was - would Charon be able to get his huge cock up and hard, and would he be able to cum - knowing he was to be mutilated and killed in a short while.
Of course, because Charon was so 'well-endowed' in the genital area, Gracchus had long been anticipating the day when he could take possession of Charon's huge erect penis, (once it had been severed from the slave's body) and have a bronze cast made, to add to his collection of monstrous gladiator dildos.
Charon,of course, knew this - Gracchus was famed for his collection of sexual trophies.
Because of this, Charon would try to ensure, as a final snub to Gracchus, that when his penis was amputated, at the end of the fight, he would be flaccid - but that was easier said than done as the boy gladiator, selected to mutilate him, would be skilled in producing sexual arousal, and would try to make Charon not only 'horny' and 'hard', but also 'cum' at the moment that his stiff penis was cut off.


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Gracchus intended Charon's end in the arena to be as humiliating as possible, and so he chose, as the disgraced arena slave's opponent, a seventeen year old 'boy gladiator' - Vespian.
Vespian, however, was not an actual 'boy-gladiator', but was rather one of Gracchus' many 'catamites' (boy sex slaves), some of which he kept for himself, and some of which he hired out in a very lucrative, and high class business, aimed at affluent patricians (the Roman Aristocracy).
Vespian was rarely 'hired out', however, as he was one of Gracchus' favorite boys, young, blond and cute, without being effeminate.

Vespian would obviously be a favorite for the crowd, and Gracchus wanted to show off the lithe young teenager's slim body as much as possible - and so the young lad was fitted out in a pale blue, backless thong, to show off his smooth, pert, muscular buttocks.
The only addition to this very minimal costume (just a thong !) was a bulky, black leather groin-guard - Gracchus had no intention for his cute young boy being kneed or kicked in the balls - after all, Vespian's 'privates' were valuable.
As for arms, for the actual fight both 'gladiators' would be armed with wooden staves, as it was Gracchus' intention to have Charon simply stunned, and not fatally wounded - he wanted Charon conscious so that he could experience fully his humiliation while he was trussed up by the arena slaves and stripped naked, buggered, impaled, forced to wank, castrated and finally decapitated by young Vespian.
And Vespian was the perfect boy to humiliate Charon because, despite being boyish and slim, he was ferociously 'well-hung' (with a huge cock), very horny and could fuck really hard and rough.

Charon Prepares for his Fight
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The arena was quickly readied  for the  fight between  Charon, and the young fighter that Gracchus had selected to be Charon's nemesis.
The two fighters, as was usual, were prepared in separate cells, and would only meet when  they actually entered the arena.
There were two arena slaves to assist Charon in his preparations, Marcus and Lucius.
Lucius, the younger, was in charge of armour and weapons
In this case there was practically no armour for Charon, and only one weapon, a light, blunted sword, so there was little for Lucius to do, apart from stand and watch, and make idle conversation.
Marcus was in charge of dressing Charon.
Again, there was little for Marcus to do, as Charon had been ordered to fight practically naked.
To begin with, of course, he had to remove his ordinary, work-day clothes.
Although both Lucius and Marcus had worked with Charon for many months as arena-slaves, they had never seen him 'bollock-naked', and were shocked to see how 'well-hung' he was – but they made every effort not to show their surprise.
Although, like all of Gracchus' arena slaves, Charon's body was well shaved and smooth, because he never appeared in the arena naked, he had a thick, luxuriant growth of black, curly pubic hair, which continued onto his perineum, and up his butt-crack.
And, like all the arena-slaves, he was uncut, with a heavy, wrinkled foreskin.
So – what I am I wearing ?”, Charon asked, looking round, and seeing no voluminous loincloth or tunic.
Just this !”, Lucius replied, holding up a tiny, shiny, black leather pouch, with just a few very narrow leather straps attached.

Charon struggles to squeeze his
cock and bollocks into his
tiny, leather thong
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You must be joking !”, Charon replied, shocked. 
I'll never get this fuckin' lot in there !”, he said, pointing to his massive 'privates'.
Well, them's Gracchus' orders, so you'll just have to do your  best.”, Lucius replied.
"An' there's this !”, Lucius added, holding up a matching, heavy black leather harness.
Well that's  better than nothing.”, Charon answered, as he struggled to stuff his huge genitals into the tiny leather pouch. 
Yes ! An' 'nothing' is what you'll be wearing by the end of the fight, if I know anything about this young Vespian that you're gonna be fightin' !”.

Charon, wearing his tiny
leather thong
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So who is the Vespian ?”, Charon asked, as he  tried to prevent his wayward cock from poking out of his tiny leather pouch.
He's a cute young ephebe – one of Gracchus' favourites – an' they say the little cunt regularly fucks Gracchus – but I wouldn't know about that.”, Lucius replied, as he started to strap Charon into the bulky leather harness.
An' this Vespian also likes to fuck his opponents at the end of his fights.” Lucius continued, warming to the subject.
An' so far he hasn't lost a fight, so there's a lot of boy-fighters who have been stripped, raped, lost their cock and balls, and been killed by this cute little fucker ! ..... An' that's what he'll probably do to you !

Well, he won't find it so easy fighting me !"
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Well, he won't find it so easy fighting me – after all, he's only a fuckin' boy !”.
Well, yes,” Lucian began, “He might be just a boy, but he's a vicious little cunt, an' you'll 'ave one hand tied behind your back, 'an you've only got a blunt sword – so you'd better get in close, 'an quick, and use your fists, or knee the little fucker in the balls."
By now Charon was getting worried.
He had seen plenty of defeated fighters, wriggling naked on the sand – pathetically screaming, begging for mercy and squealing as they squirted the last of their spunk over themselves at the moment when they had their balls and cock cut off.
It was horrible to watch, and to hear.

Charon - ready for the fight
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The one thing he didn't want to happen was for a teenager to strip him 'bollock-naked', - then fuck him, and then emasculate him.
He could cope with being killed in the arena, but he wanted it quick, - and dignified.
By now Charon only needed his wrist-guards and white ankle leggings and he would be ready for his fight.
And Gracchus, of course, had decided that it would be Charon's last fight, and would end in the unfortunate arena-slave's ultimate and total humiliation.

Charon - tests his sword
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And as part of this humiliation, Gracchus had carefully chosen the tiny costume that Charon found himself struggling with in the locker-room.
While Charon can just about get his cock and bollocks into the pouch of the leather thong, Gracchus has chosen this particular costume because it has no back (other than a thin leather strap), thereby showing off Charon's pert, muscular buttocks and the deep cleft of his butt-crack, and it was so low at the front that it exposed Charon's luxuriant growth of thick, black, curly pubic hair.
Of course, this was only to 'tease' the audience.
If everything went as Gracchus planned, then Gracchus would be defeated, or surrender, and then it wouldn't matter what he was wearing - as the arena-slave would quickly strip him 'bollock-naked', and then pull him about on the sand - in order to give the audience a good look at his 'sex-parts' (including his arse-hole) from every conceivable angle, and from every obscene position imaginable - prior to Vespian raping him.
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Young Vespian was also being prepared for his fight in an adjoining cell.
He was already wearing his pale blue thong (pale blue, Gracchus had insisted, to match the cute young ephebe's eyes) over his black tunic, which was elaborately decorated with Gracchus' personal monogram in heavy gold thread.
Vespian's pale blue cotton thong was, proportionally, as small as Charon's shiny black leather thong,  but because Vespian was young and cute, completely shaved, and not as massively 'hung' as Charon, on him, the small blue thong did not look vulgar and obscene, in fact it looked the opposite – very attractive and 'sexy'.
However, this is not to say that Vespian was not 'well-endowed'.
He was very 'large' where it mattered, for his age, and his well-defined 'crotch-bulge' (which was quite a 'bulge' even when he was not 'horny') had delighted many previous audiences.

'He then removed his tunic,
revealing his well-muscled torso.'
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He then removed his tunic, revealing his well-muscled torso to the two arena-slaves who were assisting him.
Unlike Charon, he would wear no harness for the fight, and so was naked, apart from his thong, leather, studded wrist-guards and short, white leggings.
He also carried a very elaborate stabbing sword – a gift from Gracchus – with Gracchus' monogram engraved on the scabbard.

Armed and ready for the Arena
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The only other weaponry he carried was a rectangular, gilded bronze shield, - however, one of the arena-slaves, who would accompany him into the arena, carried a large, carved wooden baton or dildo.
This baton had a huge, bulging knob on one end, and various protuberances along the shaft.
It was Vespian's intention, on strict instructions from Gracchus, to ram this large wooden baton deep into Charon's hairy arse, once he had defeated him, and after the arena-slaves had stripped him 'bollock-naked', with the intention of giving Charon a really massive 'hard-on'.
Then, hopefully, with Charon uncontrollably 'aroused', the unfortunate fighter could be forced to 'jerk-off' ansd 'cum' in front of the arena audience, prior to being brutally raped by Vespian, and then slowly emasculated, and finally 'finished-off'.

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015
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Young Marius strips off - 'bollock-naked' - in the locker-room before his fight.

Marius is the young, teenage 'boy gladiator', who Vespian will fight, as a introductory match, before he deals with Charon.
Gracchus intends for Marius, like Charon, to be defeated, stripped and raped, and then emasculated and killed by Vespian.
Marius, of course, is very young and inexperienced, and Vespian should have no difficulty in making a spectacular and obscene show of the young lad's defeat.
The boy has been presented in this show simply to get Vespian 'warmed up', and because the arena audience love to see 'smooth', hairless little boys stripped 'bollock-naked' and then publicly raped.

'Charon flexing his muscles just before he enters the Arena'

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And so, later, after Vespian had dealt with Marius, Charon entered the arena, wearing a heavy black leather harness, and of course his 'Charon' mask.
Gracchus, however, ordered that the mask be removed - and that was the first time that the arena crowd had actually seen Charon's face.
Gracchus knew that the crowd wanted to see Charon's 'bulge', prior to the unfortunate fighter being stripped naked, when everything would be revealed, and later castrated, when everything would be cut off.

Charon's Final Humiliation and Death

The previous castration of the young Gaul Vortigern was quite spectacular.
The squealing naked boy had everything (stiff cock and both bollocks, still in their ball-sack), sliced off with a red-hot knife to instantly cauterize the wound to keep any bleeding to a minimum, and keep the severed penis hard and erect.
It was spectacular, because the stupid lad hadn't believed it was really going to happen, and had just stood there and let Demonax mutilate him - and by the time he realized what was happening it was too late, and he was a screaming eunuch.
Now some men and boys, if they just have their balls cut off immediately, go 'soft' and usually piss, from the shock.
But most become enormously 'hard' and erect.
It is, of course, a fallacy to imagine that a man or boy without balls can't get an erection or 'cum'.
Many continue to function normally for days, weeks or even, in some cases, months after they have lost their balls, although they are no longer fertile.
Because they are so full of aphrodisiacs, and so sexually excited by the action in the arena, many fighters who have their balls lopped off, (particularly the younger ones), immediately after they have been mutilated, want to fuck or wank.
With their cock still massively hard and stiff, they get an overwhelming and uncontrollable urge to copulate - with a cunt, arse-hole or a fist,
In most cases they are allowed to wank, while the arena slaves prepare for the final tableau, where the unfortunate boy is 'finished off'.
Of course, the arena audience loved to see such displays, and most find it incredibly amusing to see a boy pulling frantically on his massively stiff cock when there are no balls hanging below, but instead, just some shreds of bloody skin - the pathetic remains of the castrated lad's once bulging, but now mutilated and severed scrotum.
And those in the audience who haven't seen this before, are often amazed to see the wanking lad - with no balls -  suddenly jerk his hips forwards and 'cum' violently, squirting think gobs of creamy spunk over the arena sand.
Usually the wanking fighter's opponent very carefully times his final swing so that the blade of his gladius slices through the lad's neck as he starts 'cumming'.
And the ideal result was the naked boy's, headless, jerking body collapsing, with blood spraying from his neck, and spunk squirting from his jerking cock.
The audience could then savor the few moments while the boy's naked, headless body flopped about convulsively on the sand, as he splattered spunk over himself.
In Charon's case, after he had been stripped 'bollock-naked', he was then raped repeatedly by the teenage Vespian.
He was also buggered twice with a huge wooden dildo by the arena slaves, and as a result of all this abuse, had already 'cum' three times, squirting his thick, creamy spunk over himself, and the arena sand.
Despite having 'cum', however, he was still appallingly 'aroused', and massively 'hard' and stiff - and all he could think of was 'jerking himself off' (regardless of the audience, the arena slaves and Vespian watching)  to relieve the intense desire he had to 'cum' again.
This was probably due partly to all the fucking and buggering he had received, but also partly due to the aphrodisiacs that were given to all Gracchus' fighters before they entered the arena.
The crowd, however, were tiring slightly of the 'abuse', and were eager to see the hairy, naked fighter mutilated and unmanned - (emasculated).
There were many calls from the audience - especially the cheaper seats.
"Cut the cunt's bollocks off !".... "Castrate the fucker !" .......and "Slice the wanker's cock off .... and stuff it in his mouth !" ... were just some of the many calls from the audience.
"Just finish me - quick - if your fuckin' going to ! But don't cut my fuckin' 'bits' off !.... Please !.." "An' let me 'ave one more wank ! .... I really need to cum !".
"Right ! - for you - as an arena-slave - one more 'spunk-up'  - if you can manage it ! But  I gotta do somethin' first !", Vespian replied, getting down on one knee and taking out his small, curved, castration knife.
"Oh...fuck no !", Charon grunted, as he saw the knife come out.
Vespian then grabbed hold of Charon's well-filled, bulging ball-bag.
Whatever he was going to do to Charon's balls, there would be few problems.
Charon was being tightly held by the arena-slaves, and Charon's cock was so stiff and erect that it was nearly touching his navel, leaving his very hairy ball-sack completely exposed.
"Shit no ! Don't cut 'em off !", Charon spluttered, as he vainly tried to struggle against the firm grip of the arena slaves.
Vespian then made a shallow incision down the rhaphe (seam) of Charon's hairy, bulging scrotum.
As he did so the bulky testicles could be seen moving in the sack of their own accord.
"You cunt !", Charon grunted, as his ball-bag was opened up.
Surprisingly there wasn't much blood, and Vespian skillfully, (he had obviously done this before), used his forefinger to flip out Charon's right testicle, which was still attached to the spermatic cord.
Charon grunted, and looked down in horror at his dangling bollock, with an expression of intense pain on his sweat drenched face.
"That's my fuckin' bollock !.... Charon squealed. "Just cut 'em off if you're gonna ... but for fuck sake don't play with them !".
But playing with them was exactly what Vespian was doing.
And to start the fun (for everyone except Charon), Vespian gave the pale hanging ball a 'playful' tug.
"Cunt !", Charon squealed, as his huge, erect cock jerked up and squirted a small spray of piss onto his heaving, sweaty belly.
"No more ! Please ! ... I can't fuckin' take it !.." he sobbed pathetically.
"Sorry, Charon ! Gracchus' orders. You're gonna died very slowly,.. and very painfully,... and unpleasantly - he wants you totally humiliated !".
"Oh no !...", Charon groaned, looking up to where Gracchus was sitting in his box, obviously enjoying every moment of Charon's mortifying, naked agony.
Vespian then bent down again, and popped the left testicle out of Charon's half empty scrotum.
As he did so, Charon began panting hard, trying to cope with the pain, as a little more piss dribbled from the exposed 'slit' at the end of his hugely erect cock.
"No !.. " was all he could groan, as Vespian gave the second, exposed bollock a good, hard tug.
By then, both of the naked fighter's pale, glistening balls were hanging low, out of his now eviscerated, hairy ball-sack.
Vespian then slapped the exposed, hanging bollocks from side to side.
"You cunt !... Them's my bollocks !.. You can't do that !...... Please !..." Charon whined.
Vespian then grabbed hold of both the testicles, pulling then well away from the struggling fighter's hairy groin.
"Oh please !.. No !.." Charon screamed, as Vespian deftly brought his castrating knife down, cutting neatly through the spermatic cords, and instantly making Charon a eunuch.
"Oh shit !... I got no balls !... ,Charon screamed, as he sprayed some more piss over himself, and farted loudly.
Vespian then cut away the empty, useless hairy ball-bag, causing Charon to grunt in pain.
"Well, Charon - if you can manage it.... the people out there would like to see you have a final 'jerk-off' and 'cum'."
The arena-slaves, expectantly, released the naked, and now castrated fighter's arms.
Charon, gazed down at his luxuriant, thick black pubic bush, his huge, jerking cock and his horribly mutilated crotch.
"What ? Jerk-off without any bollocks ?..... Will I be able to cum ?", he questioned, as he watched his stiff, twitching knob dribbling pre-cum onto his heaving belly.
"Look, it's your last chance to squirt some spunk - an' show 'em your still a man !"
Charon's cock, despite his castration, was still enormously 'hard', and the veins stood out, and his massive purple cock-head dribbled a thick string of pre-cum, which gleamed in the sunlight.
"I really wanna cum again - one more time !", Charon mumbled, looking up pathetically at Vespian.
Although he had lost his balls, he still seemed obscenely potent and 'horny'.
As if to prove this, he grabbed hold of his huge prick and started frantically wanking.
With the amazed audience cheering him on, Charon, panting hard, and sweating profusely, worked furiously at his enormous cock.
It was, of course, a strange sight (although quite often seen in Gracchus' arena) - a large muscular fighter, massively 'hard' and 'horny', with nothing hanging below his huge erect penis, apart from the dangling remnants of his spermatic cords, and ripped remains of his severed scrotum.
As he worked on his cock, panting and dribbling as he did so, Charon's glazed eyes stared at Gracchus' box.
Then his hips jutted forwards.
Fuck !"....I'm gonna ... I'm gonna ... I'm gonna ... CUM !"..., Charon blurted out.
Behind Charon's back, the arena slaves had handed Vespian a knife, the blade of which had been brought to red-hot heat, in preparation for Charon's final emasculation.
After a few more 'strokes' Charon did finally 'cum', groaning as the first gush of creamy spunk erupted from his hugely engorged 'cock-head'.
At that moment the arena slaves grabbed the groaning fighter's arms, so he could no longer hold his cock, and while he was still 'cumming' Vespian took hold of the struggling fighter's jerking, spurting penis.
"No !... Not my fuckin' cock !..." Charon screamed, as the red hot knife sizzled through the base of his huge penis.
There was no blood, but just the smell of boiled spunk, burning flesh and singed hair.
When the huge, and still erect cock came away in Vespian's hand, Charon was still 'cumming', and his thick spunk continued to squirt out from the severed urethra, in the stump of what had once been his huge penis.
As Charon, now totally emasculated, slowly came to the end of his orgasm, Vespian busied himself  putting Charon's testicles back into the severed, and empty ball-sack.
Meanwhile, the arena slave 'torched' Charon's thick, dark pubic 'bush'.
Unlike most of Gracchus' fighters, who were either shaved, or had their pubic hair very neatly trimmed, Charon, being in reality an arena-slave, had a 'natural', and in his case, a very luxuriant 'bush'.
When the arena-slaves 'torched' it, the thick 'bush' immediately crackled, sparked and disappeared in a puff of acrid smoke.
As the smoke, smelling of burning hair, drifted across the arena, Charon was left completely sexless, with no prick, no balls and no 'pubes'.
Charon looked down helplessly to his burned, mutilated sexless crotch.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit, oh cunt, wank, fuckin' shit, fuck !..... " he grunted, repeatedly and incoherently
Then, as a final humiliation, and in order to stop the string of obscenities, while the arena-slaves held Charon firmly, Vespian stuffed Charon's severed ball-bag (now complete with both bollocks), into the naked fighters mouth, causing both his cheeks to bulge, and then, to add insult to injury, he forced in Charon's still stiff, severed cock, leaving part of the shaft, and the engorged 'cock-head', hanging out of Charon's mouth.
Wide-eyed, Charon looked around frantically, sensing that the end was in sight.
The arena slaves then bent the unfortunate, mutilated fighter over, and once again rammed the huge wooden dildo into his arse-hole.
Charon was unable to make a sound, but his widening eyes made it clear that he was in great pain.
As this was 'the end of the road' for Charon, the dildo wouldn't be coming out again, (not at least until his corpse was butchered), so the arena-slaves used a hammer to force it deeply into the castrated fighter's guts.
While they held Charon, bent over, the arena echoed to the repeated hammer blows, as the wooden dildo was forced deeper and deeper into Charon's entrails.
Charon was then forced to kneel on the sand, naked, emasculated and impaled with a huge wooden dildo, while the arena slaves pulled  on the dildo with the intention of getting Charon to 'cum' one last time.
And he did.
Wide-eyed with disbelief, the naked fighter started squirting spunk from the stump that was all that was left of his once huge cock, and at that moment Vespian lopped off Charon's head.
The head toppled off, and landed a short distance away on the sand.
The eyes were still wide and staring.
Charon's headless body stayed kneeling on the sand for some moments.
His right hand moved down to his crotch, and was splattered with the spunk that was still spurting from the cock-stump.
His left hand moved up, as if to try and stop the flow of blood that was spraying from his neck.
Then the body toppled backwards, and jerked spasmodically, while it continued to squirt spunk.
Then the orgasm ended, and the fighter's cock-stump sprayed piss all over the naked fighter's belly as the corpse voided its bladder.
It had been a most spectacular, and humiliating death - preceded by the humiliation of a long session of sexual abuse and mutilation - and that was exactly what Grachus had ordered - and Vespian would be rewarded.
The naked corpse of Charon was later dragged to the side of the arena, and the severed head was taken and placed on a small metal spike, set into the arena floor.
The severed genitals were removed from Charon's mouth, and placed by the body, where they could more clearly be seen.
Later Gracchus came down to inspect the freshly decapitated and emasculated corpse.


Rufus was large and muscular, and Demonax had to work hard to overcome his second opponent
Rufus was not only well muscled but was also massively well hung, and wearing a small leather thong which showed off his impressive 'bulge' to great advantage.
For this fight Demonax was armed with a trident and shield.
Skilled with the use of a trident, Demonax, after struggling with Rufus for a short time, apparently let his guard down.
This was a feint on the part of Demonax, however.
Rufus, foolishly, took the bait and made a rush at Demonax. 
Demonax then raised his trident, lodging the butt in the arena sand.
Rufus, unable to stop himself quickly enough, ran right into the points of the trident. 

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015
(preparatory drawing)
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"Oh fuck !", Rufus screamed.
He had been brought to and abrupt halt, with his groin impaled on the trident.
There was no sound, and no movement in the arena for a moment.
His leather loincloth was no defense against the viciously sharp trident prongs, and the center tine went straight through his scrotum, impaling his left testicle, while one of the outer tines penetrated the hairy pubic area of his lower belly, and the other punctured the root of his thick cock, just missing his hairy arse-hole.
"Shit !... My fuckin' bollock !..." Rufus squealed, as he staggered back, holding the shaft of the trident in order to prevent it from disemboweling and castrating him.
In agony, he staggered around the arena, wide eyed, wearing only his tiny leather thong, with the shaft of the trident wobbling with every move that he made.
"Help me !", he groaned, "Fuckin help me !", looking to Demonax, first, then the arena slaves, and then the arena audience.
Rufus then fell to his knees, and finally flopped onto his back, with the trident still piercing the huge bulge of the leather thong, which was barely covering his crotch.
Demonax then strolled over, and ripped off the helpless fighter's small leather thong, as the crowd cheered and applauded.
The 'bollock-naked' gladiator was then seen to have a 'semi-hard', fat cock, and was squirting bloody urine over himself.
The bloody urine indicated that one of the outer tines of the trident had pierced his bladder.
"Shit !.." Rufus grunted, as Demonax pulled the spear from the naked lad's wounded groin.
When Demonax pulled the trident out, the poor squealing fighter's left testicle, which was still impaled on one of the trident's tines, came away - leaving him half castrated.
"Fuck ! I 've only got one ball !", Rufus shrieked, as the testicle came away, not only with the bloody spermatic cord dangling, but also part of Rufus's ripped, hairy ball-sack.
Demonax then knelt down and cut off the remaining bulging bollock, along with what was left of the defeated gladiator's dark, heavily wrinkled scrotum.
"Oh fuck no ! Both bollocks !.. Gone !...", the demented gladiator moaned, as he looked down at his bloody, mutilated crotch.
Demonax decided not to rape the unfortunate lad, and the boy wasn't 'hard' enough to 'jerk-off', so it was just a matter of completing his emasculation by cutting off his semi-hard cock.
As soon as Demonax grabbed hold of Rufus' plump prick Rufus grunted, and the fat member stiffened, and became fully hard, and started squirting out spunk. 
"Still fuckin' 'horny' and cummin', I see !", Demonax said, sarcastically.
"No ! ... Not my fuckin' cock as well !..", Rufus pleaded, as Demonax swiftly cut off the thick, plump penis.
By then the fully emasculated fighter was squealing hysterically, so his two severed testicles, plus the mangled scrotum, and now the cock were stuffed into the naked Rufus's mouth - to stop him squealing any further.
The fight, which had ended somewhat inelegantly, with a bungled emasculation, and no rape or jerk-off, came to a slightly more interesting climax, as Demonax used his trident on the prone, naked fighter's skull.
Demonax rammed the three tines into Rufus's shaved head, cracking his skull.
He then twisted the trident, effectively breaking the sexless gladiator's neck.
Rufus arched his back, raising his hips, - grunting loudly, spraying piss, and noisily voiding his bowels.

In moments his sweaty, muscular buttocks, now stained with shit, slammed back down onto the sand, and the naked, mutilated gladiator, now a pathetic, mutilated eunuch, was dead.

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"FUCK ! ... SHIT !... I'm fuckin cummin' !....."

(preparatory sketch for a new color image)

Before being completely castrated (emasculated), and then later 'finished-off'
'bollock-naked' Charon sits in the center of the arena, and wanks himself silly - and then, groaning obscenities, and jerking convulsively, he 'cums' forcefully, with his thick cock-root and arse-hole twitching rhythmically, as he repeatedly squirts hot, sticky gobs of spunk, which splatter all over his sweaty, naked body. Moments later Vespian cuts off naked Charon's balls !

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

"FUCK ! ...You CUNT... It's gone in my fuckin' bollock !....."
(preparatory drawing)

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On the death of Gracchus, Marcus was given his freedom, and inherited his master's wealth, becoming Marcus Gaius Gracchus - one of the richest men in the Empire.'

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