On the death of Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus - the adoptive father of Marcus - Marcus inherited the small, private arena at Baiae.
Cumaean Sibyl
Baiae (from which the English word 'bay' derives) was a Roman town situated on the north-west shore of the Gulf of Neapolis. It was a fashionable resort for centuries in antiquity, particularly towards the end of the Roman Republic and the early Empire, when it was reckoned as superior to Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Capri by the 'super-rich', who built luxurious villas here. It was notorious for its hedonistic offerings, and the attendant rumours of corruption and scandal. It later formed part of Port Julius, the base of the western fleet of the Imperial Roman Navy.  The town was also known under the name 'Aquae Cumanae' (Cumaean Waters), as it was close to the sanctuary of the Cumaean Sibyl (who features strongly in the Story of Gracchus).
Atticus - Teenage Gladiator
the first fighter Marcus sees killed in the Arena

Gracchus takes Marcus to the Amphitheatre
This arena had originally been built many years before, by Gnaeus.
On inheriting, Marcus made numerous improvements - and continued, with the help of Petronius, to hold Ludi (Games) for the benefit of the townspeople, and the wealthy visitors.

Atticus Impaked through his Anus

While Marcus was still a slave he was taken by Gracchus to the amphitheatre (See 'The Story of Gracchus' - Chapter XV).
It was during this visit to the amphitheatre that Marcus saw his first gladiatorial fight, between Petronius and Atticus, when Atticus was defeated by being impaled, pinned to the arena floor, and then emasculated and killed.
Atticus - Impaled and Castrated

Later, Gracchus arranges for Marcus to become the assistant to the handsome teenage slave, Petronius, who administers the amphitheatre on behalf of Gracchus - and together Marcus and Petronius continue to stage Ludi (Games), long after the death of Gnaeus Gracchus.
Many of those Games are chronicled here:

Petronius - 'Master of the Games'
when still a slave

The first Ludi that Marcus helped to organise was a private affair, specially staged by Gnaeus Gracchus for the rapacious Praetorian Prefect Nymphidius - who was aiming to become Emperor after the death of Nero.

Terrenus is Decapitated
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 19

Terrenus is Decapitated
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 19

Petram Emasculates and Kills Virga
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 19

Adamas Fucks Ferram
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 19


As with most Ludi, the Ludis Pro Galba began with naked Pancratium wrestlers.

Pancratium Wrestlers
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 20

Pancratium Wrestlers
Following the wrestlers came a Tableaux - a representation of some mythological of political subject in the form of an allegory - in this case the conquest of Germania by Galba, with the tableaux ending with the rape of the slave-boy representing Germania
Tablaux - 'Galba et Germania'
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 20

Tablaux of Prometheus
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 20

Prometheus Killed by Impaling and Disembowelling
Story of Gracchus - Chapter 20

Impaled Noxii

Torture and Execution

Crucifixion Combined with Impaling and Emasculation

Impaling of a Condemned Slave
'Ludi Sepes Vespasianum' - Baiae

Preparing to Decapitate a Condemned Slave
'Ludi Sepes Vespasianum' - Baiae

to be continued.......

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