Drawings depicting slaves in ancient Rome and featuring executions and torture
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Almost all condemned slaves are brutally and horrifically tortured before being crucified


Before any abuse, torture or execution could take place the condemned slave was require to be stripped naked.
The poet Ennius (ca. 239–169 BC) declared that "exposing naked bodies among citizens is the beginning of public disgrace (flagitium)," a sentiment echoed by Cicero that again links the self-containment of the body with citizenship.
Negative connotations of nudity include defeat in war, since captives were stripped, and slavery, since slaves for sale were often displayed naked.
The disapproval of nudity was thus less a matter of trying to suppress inappropriate sexual desire than of dignifying and marking the citizen's body.
Slaves who were to be crucified were, by definition not Roman citizens, and therefore it was required that they should be totally humiliated by public nakedness and sexual abuse before being executed.


The youngest and most attractive condemned slaves , before execution, became the 'playthings of those who would subsequently torture and execute them.
According to the Romans, the most humiliating sexual abuse to which a person could be subjected was what they called 'irrumatio' (generally translated as 'mouth fucking.
Irrumatio is strictly a form of 'os impurum', oral rape, in which a man forces his penis into someone else's mouth, almost always that of another boy or man.
Latin erotic terminology actually distinguishes two acts.
First, 'fellation', in which the man’s penis is orally excited by the fellator.
Second, 'irrumation', in which the man (the irrumator) ... engages in moving his hips and body in a rhythm of his own choice.
In this example an attractive young slave boy has been strapped helplessly onto a wooden block which allows his tormentors to penetrate him both anally and orally.


Roman patricians (aristocrats) as boys were provided with their father with slave-boys in order to satisfy them sexually - and this explains why wealthy Roman men were so addicted to pederasty.
As adults, Roman patrician regularly demanded the sexual services of the male slave (as well a female).
For simple sexual relief fellatio was usually satisfactory, but as a form of punishment for recalcitrant slaves, the offender would be usually be subjected to  'irrumatio' (see above) as well as anal rape and a beating.


The sexual abuse, of course, is the least of the condemned slaves' problems, as the repeated sexual humiliation is soon followed by far more painful torture, involving bondage, suspension and genital torture.


The Romans also used more bizarre forms of torture - in this case the use of insects to pierce and sting a condemned slave's penis and testicles.
Such tortures were not used to extract a confession, as the slave had already been condemned to be executed, but instead were employed sadistically, and technically intended to weaken slaves who were to be crucified in the arena - who were required to die without too much delay.

Some slaves were castrated, or worse, emasculated, before they were crucified.
This particular method of castration was particularly sadistic and devious, as it could be used as a form of 'self-castration'.
The bound naked slave would be forced to straddle a wooden block or tree stump.
Then his balls, one at a time, would be painfully stretched out onto the flat surface of the block - and nailed down !
Then there were two possibilities.
The first was that the slave would be left in agony for some considerable time, and then, just before crucifixion would be castrated with a knife.
The more unpleasant possibility was that he would be left (for as long as it would take) so that his painfully bent legs gave way.
Then, as he fell to the ground, he would rip off his own bollocks ! (which would remain nailed to the block....)


A condemned slave, tripped naked, forced to carry is cross-beam,
while he is pulled by a rope round his cock and balls to the place of execution.


At the place of execution, the naked slave is placed on the ground, and is nailed through his wrists to the cross piece.
With his cock hard and jerking from the tightness of the rope used to drag him through the streets, the helpless slave cums as  he is pierced by the second nail, squirting his spunk don his trembling thigh


Once the slave is firmly nailed, he is dragged by his cock and balls (once again) to where the vertical shaft has been placed, and is hoisted up.
A large, angled bronze phallus has been nailed to the shaft, and slave is carefully lowered onto the hard 'replica cock' so that in penetrates his butt-hole.
Then as he squirm and jerks up and down on the cross, he repeatedly fucks himself, causing numerous, painful orgasms. As he is lowered onto the phallus, screaming for mercy, he pisses himself, while the slave next to him ejaculates yet again, squiring his spunk onto the ground below him.


After many hours fucking himself on the cross, the dying, sexually drained slave is finally 'jerked-off' for the last time - (with little effect)
His swollen balls, which are still tightly tied up with rope from being dragged to his place of execution, are then agonisingly stretched, and one of the executioners slowly slices through the top of the slave's ball-bag, removing both bag and testicles with one horrific cut.
With the slave's thick and engorged cock jerking and twitching as a reaction to his appalling gelding, and the very last of his spunk dribbling from his exposed, gleaming cock-head, the slave's prick is cut away at the root from his hairy groin equally slowly.
Then, rhythmically squirting blood from his ruined and mutilated groin, the screaming slave involuntarily sinks down on the huge iron phallus that is impaling him - bursting his guts....and death will soon come....



Some Crucifixions too place in Roman amphitheatres - although many were carried out on roadsides leading to towns and cities as a warning to the local populace.
Prior to the crucifixions, gladiatorial contests often involving 'noxii' would be featured.
Noxii gladiators are not really true gladiators in the same sense as a murmillo or retarius gladiator. However these fighters were often criminals or prisoners of war, who offered little opportunity to become a skilled gladiator in another class.
They were typically used in combats where they were not expected to win, almost cannon fodder for the more refined and skilful gladiators of ancient Rome.
As condemned slaves, they were, unlike true gladiators, not permitted to wear a loincloth (subligaculum), and fought, technically, naked, as a sign of their 'non-status'.
Defeated fighters were always killed, and the only perk for the winner was the chance to fuck his defeated opponent before 'finishing him off'.
The winner, however, would then instantly face a new opponent, and this would continue until all the noxii for that day had been killed - with the last slave surviving being crucified....


For more information about Noxii see the text for the image above
It is quite obvious that the fighter with the net, having disabled his opponent, is very much in the mood for his 'victory fuck' - but it may well be his last - ever.....


restoration and editing of original drawings by
Vittorio Carvelli
all restored  & edited images and text: © Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2018

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